At ZARUX, all of our products are carefully crafted for each of our customers. When we say gold vermeil, we promise you high quality jewelry pieces you would love to include in your jewelry collection.
All of our pieces are made of gold vermeil, a thick layer of gold over selected precious metal of 100% pure 925 sterling silver. The minimum karat for gold vermeil jewelry is 14k, but at ZARUX we give you above and beyond with 18k white gold and 20k yellow gold, with the thickness of 2.5 micron. The thickness of the gold vermeil is highly important, as less than 2.5 micron would be called gold plating and will therefore not be considered as fine jewelry anymore.
Since upholding quality is our number one priority and our promise to our clients, all of our jewelry are accompanied with high level gemstones like Moissanite stone, ONYX, AAAA and AAAAA cubic zirconia, and high level fresh water pearl.