Gold Vermeil

All of our jewellery products are made of 100% pure 925 sterling silver, plated with excellent quality 18k White Gold Vermeil or 20k Yellow Gold Vermeil, 2.5 microns thick - giving the best to our dearest customers. 


Gold Vermeil helps to wrap and protect the sterling silver from tarnishing. Kindly avoid contact with chemicals found in products that could damage Gold Vermeil such as in perfume, lotion and soap. Gold Vermeil can also be sensitive towards sweat, water temperature, therefore it is advised to take the jewellery pieces off before jumping into the shower and before exercising. 
To keep the jewellery pieces in good condition, keep them in their pouch when they are not in use. Gently clean it once in a while with dry cloth.



Who doesn’t love gemstones? For our gemstone collection, we use genuine Moissanite stone, black and green Onyx, 4A and 5A cubic zirconia - delicately cut accordingly to the intricate design of each piece.


To keep the gemstones in its refined quality, kindly avoid contact with warm water, chemicals and sunlight as it may reduce the vividness of its colour. Keep it inside the pouch as soon as you take it off.



Classic beauty. For our pearl collection, we use refined and high level fresh water pearl.


Pearls can be the most elegant pieces, but are also the most sensitive to take care of. It is important to avoid any kind of chemicals. Keep it inside the pouch as soon as you take it off.